The Comments from Our Guests
Sharon Bailey; Carl Bailey; From: Melbourne, Australia. Year: 1997
"We have had many wonderful experiences in India, but none as memorable or as inspiring as the Hotel Alka, Varanasi. It is clean, spacious and homely hotel which we will definitely recommend to all our fellow travellers as the ONE AND ONE PLACE to stay in Varanasi. Thank You, most sincerely for orgainsing a sensational 25 th Birthday of Karen. She was so very impressed and touched with the effort made especially just for her. It is these special touches by staff, owners of the Alka and hotel itself, that will make our stay here as the highlight of our travel."
Bill Perigns; Ryan Perigns; From: Portland, USA "My son and I were travelling in India and feel our room with a Balcony overlook from the River was a gift from our God, Jesus Christ. We saw the majesty of his beauty in the sunrise as the sky over the river was splashed with orange, red and pink.Later, we were amazed at the splashing haze that seemed to glow in the sky. The hotel Alka service was excellent and the food delicious. Thank you for your warmth. May our God Bless you"
Robert Walls; From: London, England.
"A very nice, special location. I will recommend this to others and hope to return some day"
Tracy Slutter; From: Sydney, Australia.
"The Ganga is great, but Hotel Alka has the atmosphere. This is where you are no longer treated as a regular tourist in India, but as a valued guest. I wouldn't hesitate recommending this hotel to anyone. It has been the best stay since Southern India."
Christina Parasyn; From: Sydney, Australia.
"If it wasn't for me to catch train and meet airline deadlines, I would definitely stay at Hotel Alka for over an year. I have been told that Varanasi is a beautiful city, but I believe that my experience in Varanasi has been more special and cultural because of the friendly, welcoming staff at Hotel Alka. The rooms are extremely clean and xomfortable and the courtyard view is superb. I was breathtaken at the sight of Hotel Alka and knew upon entering fro the atmosphere that I wanted to stay here. I also had the special opportunity to spend my 22nd birthday at Alka in the beauty of restaurant overlooking the Ganga."
These are to Quote a few out of more than hundreds of visitors comments, who have acknowledged a memorable stay at Hotel Alka! We are looking forward to put your comments on your stay as well...
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