The above are the Most Commonly Sights Seen From Hotel Alka. First, we have "a sanyasi afluting in the Ganga"; Second is "Most famous temple of the city- Vishwanath Temple ( Golden Temple)"; Third we see a "Sadhu in Deep Meditation"; and finally, "the Ghats view by the River Ganga" is shown.

All these are daily sights that are peculiar to Varanasi, and you cannot experience them unless you are staying along the Ghats of Ganges, next to the Vishwanath Temple. You have to be near the "Burning Ghats" of Varanasi. And that's what where we are. Hotel Alka offers you thsi location advantage.

We are on one of the most important Ghats along River Ganges; "The Meer Ghat". To reach us, is very convenient. Once you reach the famous Vishwanath Lane, follow the arrows clearly marked. Our exact address is:
D. 3/23,Meer Ghat, Varanasi, U.P., India. Hotel Alka welcomes you....
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